Update 1.0: Brand New War Music

2018-03-20 13:34:38
Over the last few weeks, we’ve detailed how graphics are going to be updated and how maps are receiving an HD overhaul; now let's listen to the new soundtrack. After all, in the midst of battle, it’s not only the visual details that matter, you need to be aurally immersed too.
New Tanking Music
With the new soundtrack, all maps will have their own signature sound. Composed by Andrius Klimka and Andrey Kulik, these 60+ unique pieces of music all come together to form the new soundtrack. Each map has original music for the beginning, duration, and culmination of the battle, as well as its own loading screen tune—an introductory musical accompaniment driving through the atmosphere and mood of the map.

Thanks to the dedication of our audio team and composers, each battle will really take you to the in-game locale and add the greatest aural fidelity we possibly could!
When setting about to write each new piece of music, the audio team carefully studied map history and locale. The guys met with historians and level designers—to uncover details of each map which might be missed at first glance. These meetings helped to determine the ethnic and geographical location.
With the ethnic and geographic locations understood, next came the work stage. The composers needed to decide on a set of basic instruments and melodies to use in the composition of each piece, for example:
Cliff with its Greek setting is getting a rich variety of local folk motifs and instruments
Airfield, El Halluf, and Sand River features a very diverse Arabic sound
Mountain Pass received very distinctive vocal tunes and the inclusion of Caucasian folklore



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